Sunday, January 19, 2014

Quick Tip: Drop Shadow vs Inner Shadow

Hi friends...

Can't decide if you want to frame that photo or mat it? Here's a quick shadow tip to help speed up your layout designs. If you have a photo on top of a paper mat and want to make it a frame instead, just use the inner shadow style on your photo. How easy is that?

Instead of opening a frame mask/shape and clipping the paper to it, you can simply change the shadow style on your photo image. In this example, we have a simple rectangle paper mat with a photo above it.

Click picture to enlarge

The left has a basic drop shadow and the right a simple inner shadow. No other effects applied. See how easily you can make a frame out of that paper mat and speed up your layout design?

You can do it with shapes too! How awesome is that?

Click picture to enlarge

Hope this quick shadow tip helps you out and speeds up your layout designs! Happy digital scrapbooking!

♥ Mandy


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