Thursday, September 19, 2013

Teal Obsession! Bold Enough for Bold?

Do you ever feel a subconscious gravitational pull toward a certain color? For me right now, it is definitely Teal.
Even though Teal specifically has not made Pantone's Color of the Year list (Turquoise in 2010 and Blue Turquoise in 2005 were close), I am still into Teal everything. Teal home decor items. I bought awesome oversized dark Teal pillows (Brentwood Heavyweight Faux-Suede Oversized Pillowfrom Kohl's for our living room earlier this year and still love them! 

In art, I find myself constantly drawing back to shades of Teal. Dark, light, airy and vintage hues. It is a color that works in so many ways. Plus! It pairs perfectly with my other current fav: Gray. 50 shades of gray and a multitude of teal hues equals a mass of possibilities. 

How about in children's art? Is bold teal out dated? Is a light and airy teal tone the only compliment to kids room decor? Can parents go bold while designing the nursery or bedroom? Bold isn't only for the playroom. 

It all depends on the parent, I suppose, but personally I think bold colors give a wonderfully original and unique inspiration to children's art and decor. The trick is in how it's used, as I'm sure any interior designer will tell you. Accent walls? A little boring. An accent wall combined with silhouetted decals or contrasting paint patterns (stripes, dots or chevron, anyone)? Much better. Make your color ideas your decor theme instead of character sets. You will love it so much more!

Bold to accessorize is my favorite way to incorporate rich luscious color that speaks volumes of personality. A nice subtle neutral (greige is gorgeous) and bold pops of color in wall hangings, art prints, and accessories make the perfect combination. 

Are you bold enough for bold? What are your favorite non-classic colors for children's room decor? Check out Mandy's Lovable Designs for some bold color prints and let the design ideas begin to flow.

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