Saturday, January 25, 2014

Peachy Goodness - Mini Kit Freebie & Quick Tip

Happy Saturday friends!

So, Pixelscrapper is having a designer challenge that I just could not pass up. Monochrome: zero in on one color. I've never even attempted a mini kit like this, so had to give it a try. I went with peach. After putting together alot of dark, grungy papers/elements while working on some layouts of my son, I welcomed the romantic feel of this color.

There weren't any specific rules except focusing on one color. I added some hints of off-white to add some depth. Here's a layout I did using an absolutely gorgeous photo from RomanceSansParoles at DeviantArt.

Photo by RomanceSansParoles

QUICK TIP: To keep the photo under a see-through frame without having the shape mask or photo edges visible, make an oval shape just the size of the inner part of the frame and delete that shape area from your papers. Then you can place the photo beneath one or all of the papers. Whatever shadow effect is on your paper layers will be seen on your photo. In my layout, there were 4 shadow layers between the bottom and the top papers, so I left the photo only beneath the second paper. Otherwise, the shadow would have been way too dark.

And here's the mini for you! 6 papers and 12 elements. I tried a couple new techniques with the elements in this one. I made my first puffy sticker and attempted a different style frame from a photo extraction. Hope they work for ya!

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Have a wonderful weekend and hope you're staying warm!

♥ Mandy