Sunday, April 6, 2014

And The Conclusion Is?

Hi friends!

I have spent a lot of time and mental energy over the past couple of months evaluating my life, my priorities, my to-do lists and everything in between. Along the way, I was faced with questions about my plans for digital scrapbooking. Most specifically, my plans for continuing (or not continuing) as a designer.

I have attempted to take breaks here and there while re-aligning other areas of my life. Every time though I've been brought back to designing. I absolutely love being creative. My house is full of DIY goodies and plans for more to come are in the near future. I make simple, fun art prints to sell on Etsy as the inspiration flows (or someone requests a custom print). Well, designing digital scrapbook supplies has been an awesome outlet for that creativity as well. In the midst of learning the basics, exploring ideas, and pursuing better quality items, I ran with the thought of having my stuff in a store. What fun to have my little designs out there for anyone and everyone who would like to have them! ...for a price.

Admittedly, I have the hardest time putting a price on something that I've created. I tried to price items at whatever seemed reasonable in light of what others were charging. I found that even though it's cool to see people buying your products, I had so much more fun giving them away. Which may be why I like blog trains so much! I really do enjoy creating and seeing the outcome of that creativity. Yet it seems like such a waste to then go set those creations in a corner somewhere and limit people enjoying them as much as I do by putting a price on them. With that said, I know artists, designers, etc. need to make a living and their hard work, energy, time justifies a price. For me, however, this is just fun. I'm not making a living at it nor do I plan to.

Back to examining my life. As I laid out my priorities, my time management, my plans for the future, I noticed that designing has to take a back seat. I announced last month that I would be leaving it behind for an undetermined amount of time. In doing this, it freed me from feeling obligated to create things to sell (even if it was just me putting those obligations on myself). It freed me from feeling like I have to perform to some standard or specific style in what I create. I just wanted to have fun and share the fun!

I had to thoroughly examine why I was designing and selling in the first place. Am I trying to make extra money? Do I want to design full-time? Am I obsessed with this hobby? The answers were no (and slightly yes, lol!). Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that I simply enjoy making digital scrapbooking stuff and I equally enjoy giving it away to people.

So after much self-examination, prayer and prioritizing, I've decided that the undetermined amount of time has been determined. Though brief as the semi-hiatus may have been, much came out of it. And the conclusion is...

I will no longer be selling my items in a digital scrapbooking store. I truly appreciate the opportunity that Simply Love Scrapbooking has given me, but it is just not an avenue I would like to continue to pursue. All current stock will remain in the store through the end of June.

I will continue to participate in blog trains, designer challenges and any other fun tidbits that come along AS TIME ALLOWS. Along with determining what to keep in my long list of life duties, I've also re-worked my schedule and time management is of utmost importance.

I will run with any inspiration that hits to create anything that comes to mind. How broad an objective is that? lol! So you can look out for kits, mini kits, personal or commercial use items, random packs of elements, templates, alphas, printables, etc. I don't want to be limited and it's so much fun being random!

I've also considered accepting donations. But will have to think on that one a little longer.

So what do you think? It sounds like win-win to me. If you've read this far, btw, I am impressed. My life is really not that exciting but I love to share it anyway. :)

To kick off my newfound approach to designing and keeping it fun and creative, here is a cute little mini kit for you that was inspired by Pixelscrapper's latest designer challenge.

Download Part 2 via

This is actually part 2 and was an add-on to the original challenge. If you haven't picked up part 1 already, you can get it here. After you've gathered both parts, you'll have this Better Together kit to enjoy!

As always, QC'd and ready to go for your fun printable and digital projects. Thanks for hanging out with me and enjoy your freebies!

♥ Mandy


  1. I am so happy for you that you have decided on what works best for you and your family. You designs are so wonderful but I am glad you evaluated it so that you can get the joy out of it when you want to and have the time to. Good luck.

  2. As someone who struggles with priorities and time management on a daily basis (along with a few other things lol) - I am so proud of you. And a bit jealous. Thank you for continuing to share your time and your talents with us. I know I definitely appreciate your generosity.

  3. Thank you for the part 2 of the kit. I think you've done a good job making your decision. Sometimes, if you really enjoy doing something, giving away freebies is the only way to go. I do get paid to teach Painter, but I never charged people for my PSP tutorials. I was just happy they liked them and learned from them. :)

  4. I appreciate your generous sharing of your creative talents ... I am new to digi-scrapping & on a tight budget, so I really appreciate all you've shared. Enjoy the freedom of not having to "design" to put something in your store, but being able to create whenever inspiration strikes. That's the true joy of creativity!

  5. Great job on the kit, thanks for both parts, lots of goodies in there. And I'm with you, priorities are not making money. Priorities are doing the best we can every day and loving what we do. Sometimes we get so carried away with deadlines, that we forget to stop and smell the roses. Good luck in all you do and enjoy it.

  6. You are awesome! Thanks for the kit and the inspiration and the insight. Thanks for sharing your efforts to think about your priorities and be brave enough to follow your heart! Best wishes to you!

  7. go you! good job figuring out what it is you really want and need out of designing :) thank you for your generosity! and best of luck :)

  8. Y'all are so encouraging! Thank you. :)

  9. Thank you so much for your generous sharing. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you do.

  10. I'm happy to read your words of wisdom. I really dislike giving up time dedicated to other things in my life but love doing digiscrap too. I've thought about selling things in stores or on Etsy but was never sure how much money people actually made there, versus the time it given up to create it. Obviously not as much as a full time job would pay, but a part time job? Anyway, happy to see you still share your beautiful work. Leger~

  11. Luv both parts of this awesome kit THANK YOU ;~} bunches...

  12. Prioritizing our life can be a difficult thing to do...deciding what gets dropped out and what we keep. I'm glad you found what will work for you. Keeping something fun/relaxing in your life is important.
    Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us.

  13. you have just helped me with my similar decision :) I love designing and thought hey why not cash it but its just been 6 months and already a tug of war has started inside me, I enjoy the blog trains and giveaways more and then having 3 kids under the age of 6 well you know then time management is the hardest even if you have a degree for it! lol!
    I like it when you get the sense being together and doing something with a nice community for the community :)
    Thanks Mandy and best of luck
    PS: I have always loved your design :)