Thursday, April 24, 2014

Designer Challenge - Roll the Dice


Guess what? I have another freebie for ya. I've actually been taking it easy the past couple weeks and haven't designed much at all. I decided to roll the dice on a challenge while browsing Pixelscrapper. I rolled a 5 and a 6, so I had to make a mini with 5 papers and 6 elements - no other details.

I sat on those numbers for a few days before feeling like a little travel fun. With the weather warming up here, I can't wait to do some traveling. I ♥ road trips. I really wanted to keep the colors non-girly enough to give you mommas of boys something to work with. So...the only "flower" is simply some paper shapes, string and a button. :)

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Have a wonderful week!

♥ Mandy


  1. Great job! Love the destinations ticket and the aeroplane paper! Many thanks!

  2. Fabulous!! thank you so much for sharing :)

  3. I like that dark blue paper! :) Thank you for sharing your mini with us. :)

  4. I know it's been out there for ages, but maybe you still check for comments... I absolutely LOVELOVELOVE this one. I do like some frills at times, but many sets are too cute for the guys who are meant to enjoy my photo books, too! Thanks for sharing, Stef